Sunday roast, self love and the truth about this blog

sunday veg roast_sb4

One of my dearest memories of growing up in Italy is our Sunday ritual of gathering in the kitchen and preparing some special food to share with relatives and friends. Since then, cooking to me has been always associated with relaxed feeling and love. Love is indeed the fundamental concept for this blog.  In the past, I have been a goal focused person and a harsh judge of my results. It has been a long path for me to learn to let go and just surrender to a force bigger than my being, and eventually, the path has led me to the happiest life. To tell you the truth,  sometimes my old pattern comes back and I struggle. That’s exactly what happened to this blog and me. My judgmental perception held me back. I made myself sick with doubts about my writing, my English, and my photos. I  wondered who would ever look at my blog. It went on and on like this.

We all experience this, someone may have stated that we were not good at something and the comment has let fear come in, the fear of not being good enough. However, for as much as we are genius in making things difficult, we can always decide to perceive it differently. Put your judgmental attitude far behind you and start to live in this very moment. The judgement arises when you concentrate about the past or future. Staying in the present is the best present you can give to yourself after this Valentine’s. It is a loving attitude that will serve you far better than any rushing or pushing disposition. On a spiritual level, only this moment exists. And the power lies in the decision you make. Choose to love yourself, let judgment go.

This simple, mouth-watering recipe will ease your day.  Just sit and relax while the oven does the job for you. Look out your window and do nothing, just observe life, like babies do. They live in this moment and do nothing, but they still achieve amazing tasks without apparent effort. Learn from them and give yourself a unique spiritual youth, a reflection of a vibrant flamboyant energy shine through, an energy that never dies.

Root vegetables are the most grounding plant foods as their energy is close to the soil, while the flowers like broccoli and asparagus have the most uplifting energy and give you relaxation and flexibility. Oven cooking is strengthening, deep warming energy that works perfectly in this cold climate, but also enhances sweet flavour, the flavour of Love.

For this recipe, you need a medium size oven-dish and a long wooden spoon.

sunday veg roast_sb2sunday veg roast_sb3

Ingredients serves 2-3

3 carrots
3/4 colorful beetroots
1 large sweet potatoes
some romanesco cauliflower florets
a little bounce of purple tender-steam broccoli
a bounce of asparagus tops

you can also use parsnip, swede, turnip, onions…

thyme, sage or parsley and lemon slices
extra virgin olive oil, or sesame oil
unrefined  sea salt or himalaya salt, fine


Wash and rinse your roots and veggie, peel potatoes and parsnips if needed.

1. Preheat oven to 300°F/170°C. Wash the veggie and peel the roots. Cut the carrots along their length and slice the round roots in 8 moon shapes.
2. Place all the veggie and roots in the oven dish and season with generous oil and sea salt. Then massage all with your fingers. This will help the condiment to penetrate and to obtain a sweet, nourishing flavor. Add your herbs and the lemon slices on top.
3. Put in the over for 45 min, 170ºC. You maybe want to turn some roots while are cooking to roast them better. Pour on the tahini dressing and enjoy hot along some salad.

sunday veg roast_sb1

For the raw tahini dressing

1/4 cup of raw tahini
1 Tbsp of Umeboshi vinegar (ume su), or to taste
spring water


Simply mix the tahini with the Umeboshi vinegar and add water to thin as needed.
This sauce has a lovely cheesy taste that works perfectly with the sweet flavor of the dish. The Umeboshi vinegar has digestive properties, however is quite salty so use it sparkly.

sunday roast_sbsunday veg roast_sb5

all photos © Silvia Bifaro, no stealing please!


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