Who is Silvia?
Hello and welcome. I am a Macrobiotic Cook & Health Advisor accredited by the MBA (Macrobiotic British Association). I am completing my accreditation at the International Macrobiotic School in UK to become a Consultant and Life Coach. I’m from Italian coast, living in London since 2010. I hold a degree in Fashion Design and I become passionate about holistic nutrition 5 years ago.

I am currently raising a joyful toddler and ecstatically expecting my second baby. Also I am running holistic and Macrobiotic food workshops and, as part of my education program, I offer free Macrobiotic consultations where I give tailored suggestions on diet and lifestyle.
I am often asked about healthy recipes from my clients and I always needed a recipe journal. Simplegrain is the answer for both. I really hope you will enjoy the ride.

What is macrobiotic?
Macrobiotic is a fascinating and thoughtful lifestyle. As many others healthy diet, it advocates the eating of whole food, to reduce animal food intake and avoid refined food consumption.

However what really sets Macrobiotic apart, is its philosophy based on the ancient Yin and Yang Chinese system of diagnosis. This system is used for Shiatzu, Acupuncture, Feng-shui and many others millennial arts dedicated to enhance our spirits and lives. The Macrobiotic typical plate aims to nurture all the body and soul needs. To that end, Macrobiotic not only considers the quality and nutritional facts of ingredients, but also the Energy that these ingredients or cooking styles evoke, according with the Five Energies, Colours and Flavours. Each of these Energies corresponds to some organs and emotional states. With these knowledge the Macrobiotic cook can frame the meal around your very own individual needs, matching most of needs that the refined body architecture requires.

Given its uncomplicated dedication to dainty flavours and clean plate design, is not a surprise that Macrobiotic is the food Mecca for whom aim to take out the best from their own life. I personally achieved a lot with this life style and I also solved many issues. From lower back pain to serious digestive problems, via constant headaches. My mind is much clearer and my body more energetic, and I feel happier. My path like to anew my inner home. For every job done, crops up another thing to fix. You may find that the house does not look as you really would like it to be. I have been there and sometimes I just wanted to throw up my hands and forget about it, but I didn’t. Instead I started again from foundations and food has been one of them. So here we go.
Love, S.B.



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