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Your sense of self can so dramatically change. My priorities changed as well of course. But is my soul that has been spin on a roller-coaster over the last 24 months. Along came natural the desire to stretch boundaries, overcome beliefs and leave many old concept to fall apart. Some with ease some others with fear.

When I first thought how parenting would looks like and people told me about exhaustion, I was sure that the tiredness would have come from teaching them and ceasing them all the time, or from the long nights up. I actually discovered it comes from LEARNING. And mostly form learning from them, your children.

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They are straight and they start right from when in your belly. You’ll fight back, and believe me you’ll loose.
Because they know it better. They know before you do when is time to rest, they know you want to sit down for a nice soup more than having that salad on the go. They know that job is not quite right, you need to go to that interview you never went, or quit any job.

Where you usually did not allow yourself to go to, now they are going drag you there. Eventually you learn to listen, your confines stretch and shrink in a completely different way than before. You grow better boundaries while opening your mind+heart wider.

And then when they came out they get even harsher.
Sometimes you find that they may grow, but are they that bring you up. You may teach them to brush their teeth, but they teach you that your crazy obsession for having the toothpaste in that specific place,  is just a little product of your control freaking side. The toothpaste can sit somewhere else, even on the floor and your life will not get any bad (currently I have 3 tubes open and nobody knows where they are gone). Sooner or later you will get it and start to pay attention to what really matters in life.

They know how to push all your buttons. Little buddies loves that.
Because they need you to become a better being. Do you think you are an high self expectation person? Good luck with that my dear folk, they want more.
What they want is your soul and you heart, bare.  A friend of mine recently posted this : “Being a mother is like wearing my heart outside of my chest all the time“. My own interpretation of her quote is that all emotions, all desires, all that make you who you are, all these get unfold. We go real, now.

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Don’t take me wrong, I never had so much fun in my life.  And so little time for anything else! So I made my getaways, you do need your getaways! Moments to stay alone and maybe even do nothing. Just time from myself. And as it is usually short I start realize what really matters for me.

I love cooking, of course I do, however after having few ingredients for a chocolate cake sitting in my kitchen for a while, I had to face that I need a balance there as well. I don’t have to be always busy cooking for long to have good food. I can still have fab natural food spending far less time in the kitchen. At least something can be easy!

And as I never quite found a rich chocolate bar with the quality of cocoa I like, sugar free and vegan… well  here it comes! Heavenly rich + brainless simplicity.

Raw cocoa beans and mulberries contain a good source of magnesium and iron, really supportive nutrients for parenting.

For this recipe you need 2 heavy saucepan that can work together for a bain-marie. A whisk, some piercing paper and a oven dish or an other mold of your favorite shape, measuring 17cm circa.

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150gr organic cocoa butter
8/9 Tbsp of fair-trade Ecuador Cocoa or other fair-trade cocoa powder that match your taste.
1/2 cup of well dried purple mint leaves- purple mint works beautifully with chocolate but any other mint will do as well
1/4 cup whole almonds
1/4 cup of raw cocoa beans
2 Tbsp of raw honey or rice syrup
handful of dried mulberries
pinch or two of sea salt flakes


1. Make a bain-marie and on a low flame melt the cocoa butter. Turn the flame off. – Note: You can now add a pinch of salt flakes or wait to the end and sprinkle on the surface a couple of them.
2. Add the cocoa powder little by little whisking until perfectly dissolved.
3. Take the pan out of the water and leave to cool down for at least 15 minute.
3 bis. While the chocolate is cooling, finely mince the mint.
4. Add the raw honey or the rice syrup. Mix and taste, adjust if needed. Add the mint and mix again.
5. Wet some piercing paper and adapt it to your mold.
6. Pour the mixture into the piercing paper and leave to cool down for 20 min or more.
7. In the meanwhile cut the almond on their length and roast in the oven at 170º until they become slightly gold.
8. Roughly chop the cocoa beans.

To decorate and serve:

1. Spread almonds, cocoa beans and mulberries + salt flakes on the chocolate surface. {Or you can go wild and choose your own mix: hazelnuts and vanilla, salt+ thyme and fresh raspberries salad on the side… }.
2. Leave in the fridge overnight to solidify.
3. Enjoy some rest, a fresh mint tea and your very own chocolate creation.

Love, xx.

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